Rani Shah is a Brand Marketing Manager at Trello, primarily overseeing the Trello blog, email newsletter, and social media. She published her first book last year (inspired by a Trello blog post), titled "Wisdom From A Humble Jellyfish". She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Panel: Blurred Lines: What Marketers and Journalists can Learn from Each Other When it Comes to Serving Readers and Growing Loyal Audiences

Friday, April 16. 12:30-1:30 p.m. (EDT):

This panel will be hosted by Mary Ellen Slayter of Rep Cap Media and Managing Editor Magazine. Participants include Trello's newsletter team, Jenny Rothenberg of BACH (former Director of Growth at Morning Brew), Ryan Johnston (Co-Founder + CEO at 6AM City), Sarah Ebner (of the Financial Times in London, most recently at The Telegraph) and others (they'll be added soon). The discussion will be focused on the tactics marketing teams and editorial teams can "borrow" from each other and why.