Dan runs Inbox Collective, a consultancy that helps news organizations, non-profits, and brands get the most out of email. He specializes in helping organizations build loyal audiences via email and then converting that audience into customers, subscribers, or donors. He’s the creator of Not a Newsletter, a monthly briefing with news, tips, and ideas about how to send better email. He previously worked as the Director of Newsletters at both The New Yorker and BuzzFeed. He’s been a featured speaker at the Second Street Summit in St. Louis, Litmus Live in London, and the Email Marketing Summit in Brisbane. He’s also widely quoted on email strategies, including in publications like The Washington Post, Fortune, and Digiday.

Newsletter: Not a Newsletter

Workshop: 4 Newsletter Business Models

Monday, April 12th. 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. (EST)

There’s never been more excitement around the world of email — but how do you decide which revenue models make sense for your newsletter? Whether you're a writer, a reporter, or an expert on a particular topic, there are strategies worth implementing that will allow you to get the most out of your newsletter. Let’s explore four types of newsletters and identify monetization opportunities that work for each.

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