Anum started her career as a journalist (Boston Globe) before pivoting to marketing in tech (HubSpot) and is now marrying her careers together with her startup: Below the Fold, a newsletter helping you discover news you aren’t hearing anywhere else. Along the way, she went to business school (MIT Sloan) and authored two For Dummies books (Twitter & Bollywood). You can find her on Twitter @anum and Instagram @anumaunty.

Newsletter: Below the Fold

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Workshop: How to Manage Your Newsletter Like a Product

Thursday, April 15 3-4 p.m. EST

Imagine if product teams focused solely on launching new features, with no attention to user retention and churn. Well, that's how most content teams operate today: With a focus on churning out more content without knowing if they're churning readers. A former journalist at Boston Globe and growth marketer at HubSpot, Below the Fold's Anum Hussain will share a new framework on how to apply a product mindset to your newsletter.

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